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As Cross Regions Technology, we are dedicated to transforming the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry through technology-based innovations. We sincerely believe that each and every CRE owner or manager who in a need and search for the right technology solution will find exactly what they are looking for, when using our tech product and services.

Here are the solutions we offer for the CRE market


With our proprietary software and Hardware, we are able to automate all necessary systems to provide a more comfortable user-friendly and energy safe, secure environment.


Our extensive technology and CRE knowledge allow us to provide tailored solutions for the most pressing transformation, integration, and optimization challenges for all your property management activities.


In the commercial real estate industry, every activity involves data – spreadsheets with hundreds and even thousands of lines of information. But the increased volume and velocity of data, Commercial Real Estate firms are seriously challenged to make sense of it all. We have developed a state of the art platform that uses the latest cloud and big data technologies.


We have a managed service solution to protect the small and medium business companies from cyber threats.


We have a platform that uses the latest cloud and big data technologies to monitor the stream of Twitter conversations and allow you to get actionable insights about your Commercial Real Estate market, competitors, new trends and influencers for making better marketing & selling strategies and engagement with your audience on your Local or Global market.

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