Carl Tremble
Director of Brokerage Services

Carl Tremble partners with Cross Regions to continue developing all lines of business with his leadership and guidance. As a part of his executive role, Mr. Tremble will lead, coach, train, and expand an existing commercial brokerage and sales force focused on building not only a culture of excellence but also a Brokerage and Development pipeline that meets the needs of both our domestic and international partners. “In order to source Demand, we have to be knowledgeable and sophisticated in our approach.  That means we have to study market trends and educate ourselves on what happens next.  To truly understand what happens next, you must be willing to educate yourself first,” Carl says.

Carl will continue to work directly within the growing Healthcare market, as it has always been a passion of his since joining the company in 2014.  As Cross Regions implements the next phase of its growth strategy, Carl will play a key role in developing a culture and climate our team members and strategic partners can trust and promote.