Why is Social Media Listening important?

If you are interested in Technology Consulting,
but wondering what the benefits are, keep reading to find out all of the great benefits!

Here are good reasons!

Social Media has tremendous possibilities

Properties are sold by showcasing an experience and aligning it with a prospective buyer's goals, aspirations and specific needs or requirements.

Social media has tremendous possibilities in this regard. While residential real estate marketers have dialed up their social media efforts, commercial real estate continues to under-leverage this powerful channel.

Tapping into Millennials Means Tapping into Big Business

Millennials are climbing the career ladder. They're rising to positions of influence, and with that comes certain expectations about a workspace. Square footage and location are just the beginning. Millennials value particular workspaces, flexible working options and amenities such
as car parking, dining and fitness.

But Millennials don't want to be reached by the old-school EDMs and brochures. They value marketing that speaks their own, lifestyle-centric language. If you want to reach a Millennial, social media is the place to do it.

It is Time to Add Some Social to Your Commercial Real Estate

Stepping up your social media game is critical in commercial real estate. Social media connects you with consumers on their terms, creating authentic experiences and multi-directional interactions.

A social media approach that goes to where your target audience is helps build your brand, grow your network - and drive interest in your products and services. If you've fallen prey to thinking that social media is the heartland of residential real estate, it's time to reconsider - before everyone else does.


Social Feels is part of Cross Regions Group and  focus on Social Media.

Everyday we listen and analyze millions of conversations on Social Media for helping marketing managers and business owners to make better business decision

We have a platform that uses the latest cloud and big data technologies to monitor the stream of Twitter conversations and allow you to get actionable insights about your Commercial Real Estate market, competitors, new trends and influencers for making better marketing & selling strategies and engagement with your audience on your Local or Global market.

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