Smart building Insights

Our proprietary dashboard provides insight to temperature, luminance, humidity, safety issues and events real-time by analyzing the data produced the dashboard, we and our customers can identify anomalies, investigate and take an action.


Today’s buildings are full of valuable information and data derived from operations, energy usage to space utilization and employee satisfaction.

We are assisting building owners and property managers to decrease energy usage in their buildings while increasing comfort, convenience and security via our platform which assists to monitor the stream of sensor data.



  • Monitor your building’s energy use for maximum efficiency
  • Optimize your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system and Lighting
  • Identify anomalies, investigate and take an action.
  • Alert System
  • Automation
  • Cloud-based

Our Unique Approach

At Cross Regions Technology, we  develop smart building solutions for office buildings, hotels, restaurants, stores, malls, industrial facilities and some healthcare facilities and provide unique services such as our 7 point service plan:

  • Discovery/Analysis
  • Design
  • Installation and setup (temperature, humidity, luminance, occupancy sensors, smart thermostat, smart switch, smart power outlet)
  • Real time tracking devices
  • Custom automation use case development
  • Monthly energy saving reports
  • Support Service


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